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Kanykei Omorova

Gallup Strengths & Psychometric Coach

Vancouver, Canada


Leadership Development

Discover Your Strengths

Communication & Relationship Building


ICF ACC - NLP Certified Practitioner - Gallup Certified Strengths Coach - Certified PPA Practitioner & Coach (DISC) - Professional Certificate in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


Being an individual who always radiates contagious positivity and sincere passion around people development, I enjoy transforming something strong into something superb. 10+ years of solid L&D background in a matrix organization and wealth of on the ground cross-cultural experiences across CIS, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions helps me in coaching people with various cultural backgrounds. Passionate about studying people’s natural talents, I help them to unleash their potential and succeed, discovering together their unique secret of success that allows them to stay true to themselves and being themselves.

My professional coaching background and expertise in psychometrics and NLP, enables me to approach my coaching holistically, keeping my clients satisfied, inspired and appreciative of themselves.

I have successfully been coaching both on individual and teams level, helping them to achieve the desired goal and intention set at the start of the coaching conversation. I can coach both in English and Russian languages.

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