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Celine Foelmli

NLP Mindset Coach



Career Transition

Wellness & Personal Growth

Corporate & Personal Branding


ICF ACSTH Trained & Certified


Connecting the dots with:

1. My previous careers in Haute Couture Fashion Design and then in IT, Multimedia Design & Corporate Branding
2. My family life experience - I’m married and the lucky mum of two beautiful teenagers, plus 2 dogs
3. My expat life in Singapore has taught me to overcome many challenges over the last 21 years
4. My love nature, art, sports, I'm a certified yoga teacher
5. My passion for coaching and self development

I love to use all those skills that I have been learning over the time, I like to call them transferable skills, to serve my clients.

I help people in transition or individuals stuck in their daily routine, navigating changes, career switches, entrepreneurs, first job orientation, cultural challenges, self confidence deficit or wellness development by designing purposeful pathways to success. I also support clients to set up or improve their corporate or personal identity, I help them to communicate their authentic self and develop a sustainable network.

I do like to use NLP, cognitive biais, limiting belief techniques as well as some HR tools such as DISC, Enneagram, 360FB to name a few. I do love to work with holistic techniques such as meditation, visualisation and breathing techniques when needed in my sessions.

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