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Metaphors can bring an insight into how a person has perceived a situation or even their own life and goals

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Through a metaphor, a client gives you an insight into their unique perception of their situation and their goals. When the client tells you that they ‘can see light at the end of the tunnel' or ‘want to be the captain of their destiny,’ that is what they are experiencing. Make sure you play and go deeper with their metaphors. I have reused some metaphors throughout the coaching program.

When to use


How to use it?

• Metaphors can create images in the mind that tap into a person’s creativity and unlock potential they may not know they have.

• Every person uses metaphors unconsciously in their conversations, often up to once every 25 seconds. X

• Using metaphors as a coach can help the client view the situation from a completely different perspective,

which could break them out of their rut and

help them find a solution

Where to find it?

You can​ find Metaphor and many other coaching tools on the GoMasterCoach Toolbox.

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