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Cognitive Biases

An effective positive tool to identify and play to your strengths at work and everywhere else

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Cognitive biases are common thinking errors that hinder our rational decision-making. The bad news, is that we cannot get rid of cognitive biases.

But the good news, is that the better we understand them, the more often we can subvert them - or even leverage them for our own benefit.

When to use 

Cognitive Biases?

The first step toward overcoming cognitive biases is to acknowledge that we have them. If we get intimate with our own biases, we stand a better chance of noticing them as they come into play and making better-informed decisions when we've factored them into our decision-making.

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How to use Cognitive Biases?

Where to find it?

You can​ find Cognitive Biases and many other coaching tools on the GoMasterCoach Toolbox.

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