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The best tool to get honest feedbacks on your behaviour, skills and/or performance from others

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When to use the 360?

The 360 is my favourite coaching tool as it increases self-awareness, boosts confidence (by highlighting strengths), increases motivation to grow and strengthen relationships (by bridging the gap between the perception of self and others).

Questions to debrief the 360

  • What do you think of the answers?

  • What are your main attributes?

  • What are you happy about?

  • What are you not happy about?

  • What surprises you?

  • What are the blind spots (if any)?

  • What do people not see?

  • How do you interpret that?

  • What have you learned about yourself?

  • How could you use your attributes to reach your goals/as a coach?

  • How is your confidence level now?

You can also use the Johari window.

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Learn More about 360

  • Identify 5 to 10 people from your professional and/or personal environment.

  • List 10 questions to ask (about key strengths, areas of improvement, leadership, team behaviour, interpersonal skills…).

  • Send the survey.

  • Analyse the answers.

Where to find it ?

You can​ find the 360 and many other coaching tools on the GoMasterCoach Toolbox.

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