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FAQ Online Certification

  • How to get Certified?

  • Which Classes should I pick?

  • And after getting Certified?

Why is it life changing?
Hear from Alumni.

Simon: "It changed my life"

Houda: "GoMasterCoach brought me, not only a real network, but a real family and community!"

How do I get my GoMasterCoach Certification ?

To get your GoMasterCoach Certification for the ACC ACSTH path, you need to:

  • complete 60 hours of Training with GoMasterCoach

    • 6 hours need to be the Foundation classes (4 Classes of 90 minutes)

    • 24 hours need to be Elective classes (16 Electives)

    • for the remaining 30 hours, you can decide any mix between Electives and Self Study

  • submit a recording of a full coaching session (20 to 40 minutes) with a written transcript 

To validate Training Hours for PCC or MCC (ACSTH), you will need to do at least 50% of the hours as Electives, as well as submit a recording of a full coaching session (20 to 40 minutes) with a written transcript.

How to use the Online Platform ?
Which key Classes should I take ?
  • As a beginner, we would highly recommend for you to understand the GROW model, Powerful Questions  and Limiting Beliefs.
    • For the GROW model, it  will be covered in Foundation classes, as well as in the Curated Content (as an eBook or in a Capsule video)​
    • For the Powerful questions, it will be covered in Foundation classes as well as Powerful Questions Electives and in the eBook "100 Powerful Coaching Questions"
    • For the Limiting Beliefs, you can find it as an Elective or in Curated Content (video).
  • For each of 8 Coaching Skills from the Wheel of Coaching below, assess where you are today (on a scale from 1 to 10) versus where you want to be. Then, where you see the biggest gaps, you can choose the corresponding Electives that will help you up-skill.
GoMasterCoach Wheel of Coaching
What is included in my Certification package ?
  • Access to the Certification Platform, with online live classes and unlimited self-study curated content.

  • 9-month access to the Digital Toolbox. Then, upon activation, you will get another 2-month free.

  • Coaching  Practice: Free Access to Peer Coaching Network of 200+ coaches to practice coaching.

  • 7-hour of Group Mentoring.

  • Feedback on a recorded coaching session.

  • Coach Knowledge Assessment Mock Exams. We have 100% success from our students on the exam.

How do I get my ICF Certification ?
  1. First step is to sign up to an accredited Training program such as GoMasterCoach.

  2. On the first day of your Training, you can start counting your Coaching Experience hours. You can leverage our Peer Coaching Network to accumulate hours with peer Coaches.

  3. You have to be mentored for 10 hours (with a maximum of 7 hours of group mentoring, and at least 3 hours of individual mentoring).

  4. You have to record a full coaching session (20 to 40 minutes) with a written transcript.

  5. Once you have achieved these 4, you can then apply online to the ICF website.

  6. The ICF will then review your online application and then send you the link for the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) Exam.

To learn more, read this article.

See below to understand the criteria for ACC, PCC and  MCC.

GoMasterCoach ICF ACC PCC MCC.png
How long will it take me to get Certified ?

On average, for ACC, we have seen our students get certified in 6 to 12 months.

  • It mostly depends on how many hours of Coaching Practice you can do per week.

You can start your Coaching Practice only from the start of the Training.

For example, if you do 10 hours of Coaching Practice per week, you can do your 100 hours in 10 weeks. If you do 4 hours per week, you can do your 100 hours in 25 weeks (6 months).

  • The Training could be done faster than the Practice as, with 16 Electives, and 2 Electives per week, you could be done in 8 weeks.

  • Once you submit your application online, ICF reviews your application in 10-14 weeks (could also be faster). You will then receive the link to the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) that can be done straight away and then get confirmation quite fast on your ACC.

How do I use the Toolbox ?
What salary can I expect as a Coach ?

From the ICF 2016 survey, of the coaches who were surveyed, the hourly rate they were charging ranged from USD 128 per hour to USD 321, with an average of USD 229.

On average, these coaches were working 13 hours per week.

  • 0 – 1 year experience:         USD 128/hour

  • 1 – 2 years experience:       USD 152/hour

  • 3 – 4 years experience:       USD 194/hour

  • 5 – 10 years experience:     USD 256/hour

  • 10+ years experience:        USD 321/hour

And after graduation, what support will I get ?

There is nothing more rewarding than to see our Alumni flourish!

Beyond the Training, we still want to help as much as we can with:

  • Business Collaborations opportunities

  • Branding & Digital Marketing support (Free Mentoring sessions)

  • Website Design support (Free Mentoring sessions)

  • Free Peer Coaching Network to help you accumulate your Coaching Hours.

  • Speaking opportunities to events

Any questions we haven't answered ?

If you have any questions,

feel free to email

or WhatsApp Lili at +971 58 576 3567.

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