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Relationship Mapping

A great tool to increase your influence at work, become the go-to-person that others look to for guidance and expert advice

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When to use 

Relationship Mapping?

I love using this tool for clients looking for a promotion, or who need to influence a group of decision makers.

How to use it?

To be effective in organizations today, you must be able to influence people. When you need to leverage the influence you’ve built to promote a particular initiative or idea, you can create a relationship mapping or power map to guide your campaign, creating a chart of the key decision makers to your issue. You can rate your level of influence / rapport with each and put an action plan in place. Can I influence this person directly? If not, whom can

I influence to influence that person?

Where to find it?

You can​ find Relationship Mapping and many other coaching tools on the GoMasterCoach Toolbox.

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